Piedanlo offers sliding scale rates depending on the number of nights booked.

From 15 nights, a discounted rate is applied to all the nights booked.

Cleaning at the end of your stay is a compulsory extra charge (from 30 euros to 250 euros depending on the accommodation).

The tourist tax is a compulsory supplement of maximum 4 euros per adult per night.

Minimum number of nights :

A minimum of 5 nights is required for all reservations.

At the end of the year the minimum is 7 nights if there is a holiday period. For the 2 holidays (Christmas and the 31st), a minimum of 12 nights is required

For some accommodations, it is possible to rent for less than 5 nights. The request will be made about 2 weeks before the start of the stay.

The “weekend pass” rate will be applied.